Three Vaccines You Can Get At Your Local Pharmacy

Posted on: 17 March 2023

Your local pharmacy is more than just a place to pick up your prescriptions, seek medical advice from a pharmacist, and buy over-the-counter medication. It can also be a good place to go when you require a vaccine. While the services that pharmacies offer vary from location to location, it's very common for pharmacies to have several different vaccines available for children and adults. Visit your pharmacy's website or speak to a staff member to learn more about the vaccination process. Some vaccines may be available on a drop-in basis, while others could require setting an appointment. Here are some vaccines that you can often get at your local pharmacy.


Having the flu can put you out of commission with vomiting, diarrhea, and fever for several days, but if your immune system is compromised in one or more ways or you're especially elderly, there's a risk of becoming very sick if you get the flu. It's important for people to get vaccinated against the flu, and you can often do so at your local pharmacy branch. People often choose to receive this vaccination early in the fall, as the so-called "flu season" is typically in the fall and winter. It's ideal to receive this shot annually, as flu strains change over time.


Adults can also receive the shingles vaccine at a pharmacy in their community. Shingles is a skin condition, caused by a virus, that is extremely uncomfortable to deal with. Your skin will become highly itchy, often to the point that you're in considerable pain. The best way to avoid developing shingles is to get vaccinated against it. The shingles vaccine will dramatically decrease your risk of contracting this virus; in the event that you do get the virus, you can expect mild symptoms once you're vaccinated.


It's also common for pharmacies to offer vaccination against the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Many parents arrange for their adolescents to be vaccinated against this virus before they become sexually active. While you might not like to think of your teens being sexually active, it's important to protect them against HPV — given that it can dramatically increase the risk of cancer for anyone who has it. Many family doctors will educate parents about this topic; if you've already heard from your child's doctor about HPV, it's worthwhile to confirm that the vaccine is available at your local pharmacy.

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