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Tips For Protecting Your Skin From Aging Due To Environmental Contaminants

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When it comes to keeping your skin as young and healthy as possible, don’t discount the effects of the environment. In fact, pollution and contaminants in the air can be just as damaging to your skin as sun and cosmetic use. Here’s a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when you’re taking care of your skin to help reduce the effects of the world around you on your aging skin. Deep Cleaning Is Key The contaminants and pollutants in the air are microscopic, so that means they can easily reach your pores. That makes deep cleaning essential, because any contaminants like these can cause inflammation and some skin irritation. The best way to combat this is by investing in a skin-cleansing brush that will help get the contaminants from deep in your pores. Antioxidants Are Important Antioxidant treatments for your skin can help to combat the free radicals that you’re exposed to on a regular basis. These treatments have high concentrations of antioxidants that reach your skin directly as a topical cream. You can also add to those benefits by eating antioxidants as part of your diet. This helps to reduce inflammation in your skin. Protection Against Sun Exposure Is Essential While you may already have a sunscreen that you wear every day, you should evaluate its ingredients to be sure you’re getting the best protection. You’ll want a sunscreen with a high UV protection rating as well as some added skincare benefits. Antioxidants and vitamin C are important because they can reduce pollution damage and even improve collagen production. Collagen is important for elasticity, which helps maintain that youthful appearance. Hydration Is Beneficial You understand that your body depends on sufficient hydration for general health, but what you might not know is that your skin benefits from proper hydration as well. The problem is that your skin isn’t likely to get the same benefit from just drinking water. Instead, you need a quality moisturizer that will nourish your skin. If you have sensitive or somewhat dry skin, consider a moisturizer that’s boosted with omega-3 fatty acids to add extra nourishment and help with moisture retention. There’s no need to hide away from the elements in an effort to protect your skin. Instead, you can maintain your skin’s youthful appearance with these tips and the help of an anti-aging skin care specialist, such as those at Pharmacy Solutions. He or she can help you find the perfect products to protect your skin from the damage of the...

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4 Advantages Of A Compounding Pharmacy

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If you require medication on a consistent basis, you may wonder whether or not you should take your prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy. Although there may not be as many compounding pharmacies in your area as there are traditional commercial pharmacies, a compounding pharmacy does have its advantages. Here are a few of them: Even if your medication has been discontinued, a compounding pharmacy may be able to produce the medicine for you. Sometimes, a large drug company may choose to stop making a certain type of medication that is being used to treat your condition. As a result, typical chain pharmacies may not be able to fill your prescription. However, a compounding pharmacy can use the same ingredients that the original manufacturer included when making the drug to reproduce a suitable alternative. If you hate the taste of your medicine, a compounding pharmacy may be able to help. A compounding pharmacy may be able to customize the taste of your medicine by adding your favorite flavorings. Although this may not seem very important, if the taste of a medication prevents you from ingesting the drug needed for your treatment, the flavoring becomes necessary. Some people find the taste of certain drugs to be so unsavory that they produce symptoms of nausea. If you need a different dose of your medication, the dosage can be customized at a compounding pharmacy. Sometimes, a physician prescribes a dosage of medication that is different from that routinely manufactured by the drug supplier. A compounding pharmacy can change the dose depending on the patient’s prescription. In addition, if the drug can be readily received topically, a compounding pharmacist may be able to change the medication into a gel or a cream. If you are allergic to specific drug additives, such as gluten, you may be able to benefit from a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy may be able to produce an alternative to your specific medication that does not include additives to which you are sensitive. Unnecessary dyes, preservatives and other additives can be omitted from the formulation while still allowing the active ingredients within the drugs to be preserved. To learn more ways that a compounding pharmacy can be beneficial, visit a compounding pharmacy in your area, such as Premier Pharmacy Labs. Be sure to discuss your prescription needs with your physician. He or she may feel that your pharmaceutical needs will be better met through a compounding...

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