Who Should Use A CBG Lotion?

Posted on: 19 July 2021

As you browse your pharmacy or beauty supply store's selection of lotions and moisturizers, you may see several CBG lotions. CBG, or cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid that has become more widely known and used recently. It has a lot of the same properties as CBD — soothing qualities and inflammation relief — and it's also a mild antiseptic. As you look at the bottles of CBG lotion, you'll surely wonder whether this lotion is a good product for you to try. Well, if you have any of the following struggles with your health or skin, it's worth giving CBG lotion a try.


As mentioned above, CBG has antimicrobial properties. While bacteria are not the only cause of acne, they can be a big contributor. So, using a lotion with CBG can help prevent acne blemishes and also treat those that are already present. It helps that this is a lotion you can apply at the end of your skincare routine. It remains on your skin all day or all night, so it can keep slowly killing bacteria as the hours roll by.

Muscle Pain

Most people think of CBG lotion as addressing certain skin problems. However, the CBG can also be absorbed through your skin and into your muscles. As it is absorbed into the muscle, it eases inflammation and pain. So, if you have frequent muscle aches due to hard workouts, physical labor, or old injuries, buying and using CBG lotion is a good choice.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is skin that tends to react to any products that are at all harsh. It may also turn red and become irritated if you spend too much time in the sun or wind. Keeping sensitive skin happy can be really tough, but CBG can really help. It soothes your skin and reduces inflammation. If you use it in place of another lotion that's more irritating, you'll notice less sensitivity. It will also help make your skin less reactive to other products and to environmental factors like the sun and wind. Some people with sensitive skin like to apply CBG lotion right before they go outside for this reason.

CBG lotion is really popular because it's so versatile. Many people suffer from mild acne, skin sensitivity, muscle pain, or some combination of these issues. It's remarkable that just using a certain lotion can help so much, but that's the power of CBG!


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