Who Needs Supplements?

Posted on: 30 June 2020

If you have gone into a health food store or even down the medicine aisle of a chain grocery store you will likely have noticed the wide variety of supplements there are on the market. It can sometimes be overwhelming to know what you need to be taking, and how to know if you do have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Supplements can sometimes be a bit pricey, so it is important to know if you need to buy them or not. The honest truth is that if you are eating a healthy diet, you may not need a daily supplement. However, there are many people who struggle to get their daily intake of vitamins and minerals, which could cause problems in their bodies. If you feel that you are not getting a good variety of veggies, fruits, and proteins, you may want to take a daily vitamin to supplement some things you may be missing.

Unfortunately, not everyone is concerned about getting all of the nutrients they need. The following groups of people are likely at risk of vitamin deficiencies and should be on some sort of supplement. 

Women Who Could Bare A Child

Women who are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant should be taking a daily supplement. Nutrients like folic acid are essential for a healthy baby, and taking a supplement daily can help to avoid birth defects in children. 

Young Children

It is no secret that children are hard to feed. Many kids decide early on what they will and won't eat, giving their parents the tough job of making sure they have the nutrients they need to grow up in good health. Many pediatricians suggest giving children a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals instead of leaving their nourishment up to chance. 

People With Specific Diets

Many people focus on specific dietary choices as an example of people who need supplements. Vegans, for example, are often hounded for not getting enough vitamin B12. However, picky eaters could also stand in need of supplements. Some people refuse to eat vegetables, for example. Veggies are so rich in minerals and vitamins that these people will likely need to take something to keep them healthy. 

In conclusion, supplements should be used as a tool to make sure that your body is well cared for. If you have someone in your life who falls into these categories, make sure that they have everything they need to make good dietary choices, and have supplements to make up for where their diet fails. 



Working With The Best Pharmacy

A few months ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I had no idea how important my local pharmacy was about to become. However, after gathering together the litany of prescription medications I needed, I realized that my pharmacy would become an important part of my life. My pharmacist was gentle, kind, and thoughtful. He took the time to explain different medications to me and told me about important side effects to watch out for. It was incredible to work with him, and he really made my entire experience better. This blog talks about different pharmacies, so that you can understand what you should expect as a customer.