Allergies And Your Prescription Medications

Posted on: 25 February 2020

Living with allergies can be tough. Some allergens only cause mild discomfort, while others could result in death. Anyone with allergies knows that staying away from potential allergens is the easiest way to avoid any serious complications. Unfortunately, you may not realize that your prescription medications could contain allergens that might be contributing to daily discomfort.

Making the switch to a compounding pharmacy could be just what you need to get rid of allergy symptoms for good.

Allergens in Medications

Most of the allergens that are found in prescription medications appear in the binding agents used to hold the active ingredients in the medication together. Some of the most common allergens that are used as binders include gelatin, wheat, corn, and peanut oil derivatives.

Being aware of any allergens in the non-active ingredients in prescription medications is the first step toward eliminating these allergens from your daily routine.

Removal of Allergens

The benefit of working with a compounding pharmacy to obtain your prescription medications is that you can acquire allergen-free medications. A compounding pharmacist can isolate the active ingredients in your prescriptions and reformulate the medication to exclude any potential allergens.

Since the medication is custom-made for you in a compounding pharmacy, you can rest assured that the allergens causing your discomfort will be removed from your prescription medications.

Counteracting Allergens

In the event that a compounding pharmacist is unable to completely eliminate dangerous allergens from your medications, steps can be taken to counteract the effects of the allergens found in the base ingredients.

A compounding pharmacy can combine the active ingredients in your prescription medications with an anti-allergen. The addition of an anti-allergen will help negate the effects of any allergens in the prescription and alleviate any symptoms you might feel after taking your medication.

The medications dispensed by traditional pharmacies come pre-formulated by major pharmaceutical companies. This allows for mass production and dispensing, but it can pose a problem for patients with known allergies.

The best way to ensure that you know what's in your prescriptions is to partner with a reliable compounding pharmacy. Your prescriptions will be created specifically for you in a compounding pharmacy, allowing any allergens to be left out or counteracted with an anti-allergen ingredient.

Consider making the switch to a reputable compounding pharmacy if you have concerns about the effects of allergens in the prescription medications you take on a regular basis.

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